Mike Dilisi

Mike DiLisi

V.P. of Scheduling and Punctuality Assurance / Director of Photographic Resolution and Quality

Mike DiLisi

Quick Facts

Skydiver: Yes
Started Jumping: September 2006
Number of Jumps: 1500
Tunnel Hours: 300+
Home DZ: Skydive Burnaby / Skydive Cayuga
Home Tunnel: iFLY Toronto
Disciplines: VFS & Dynamic
Container: Micron
Main: Crossfire 2 119
Reserve: Optimum 126
Reserve Rides: 1

Occupation: Nuclear Safety Inspector (Homer Simpson)
VFS Flyer Position: Second Head Down Flyer
How and when did you start flying in the tunnel?

I made my first flight at Skyventure Montreal in the fall of 2010.  It was Canada’s only recirculating wind tunnel at the time. With hundreds of skydives and a number of coach & instructor ratings already under my belt, I figured the tunnel would be a breeze. Unfortunately, as I repeatedly bounced off the net and glass I quickly came to the realization that indoor skydiving was a whole different beast.

I quickly purchased some more time that evening and my initial 20-minute reservation suddenly became nearly an hour of flying on my first day at the tunnel. The following morning, bruised bloodied and nearly unable to get out of the hotel bed, I was determined more than ever to return and tame this machine.

Upon returning to my home DZ in Toronto I quickly spread the word of this strange yet exhilarating torture device to the local jumpers. I began organizing a series of skills camps at Skyventure Montreal bringing in world class coaches including members of Team Evolution. Fast forward 6 years, I’ve now flown hundreds of hours and learned much more than I would have imagined by this time, yet realize that I still have so much more to learn.

What are your goals in body flight?

One of my primary goals in body flight is to keep my skills fresh by traveling to other tunnels and learning different techniques and skills from coaches around the world. More specific goals would involve representing Canada with a podium finish in 4-way VFS at the upcoming IBA Competition Series at iFly Woodlands, the FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving in Poland this year as well as the World Indoor Skydiving Championships at Skyventure Montreal in 2017.

In addition to my personal goals, I’m also very enthusiastic about coaching and working with the newer generation of body flight athletes. Many of these kids are nearly pro-level flyers at an age where I was still crawling around in a sandbox. It’s exciting to see such a young generation of flyers who are likely to turn the sport on its head and pave the way for new disciplines the veterans have yet to even imagine. I also think that this younger generation is forcing more seasoned flyers to keep on their toes as the point gaps quickly close between the two generations. Each day we see more and more kids team placing on the podium right next to the coaches who were teaching them to fly just a few years prior.

Mike’s Sponsors

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Vertical Suits

Awards & Achievements

  • Bronze Medal in 2-WAY VFS – 2015 Canadian Indoor Skydiving Championship
  • Silver Medal in 4-WAY VFS – 2015 Canadian Indoor Skydiving Championship
  • Silver Medal in 4-WAY VFS – 2016 Canadian Indoor Skydiving Championship
  • Bronze Medal in 4-WAY VFS – 2016 IBA Competition Series @ iFLY Rosemont
  • Gold Medal in 4-WAY VFS – 2016 IBA Competition Series @ iFLY Houston-Woodlands
  • First Place in 4-WAY VFS – 2017 World Championship Qualifier @ Skyventure Montreal
  • 2016 Canadian HD Record