Dave Cvetanovski

VP of Modesty / Director of Anger-induced Automobile Incident De-escalation

Dave Cvetanovski

Quick Facts

Skydiver: Yes
Started Jumping: April 2000
Number of Jumps: 1800
Tunnel Hours: 300+
Home DZ: Skydive Burnaby
Home Tunnel: iFLY Toronto
Disciplines: Dynamic, VFS
Container: Micron/Wings
Main: Crossfire 109/Sabre 2 120
Reserve: Optimum 126/PDR 126
Reserve Rides: 3

Occupation: Ass Model
VFS Flyer Position: Second Sit Flyer
Dave is one of the founding members, having been with the team since January 2015. Shortly after the team was formed, Dave was tasked with keeping the egos of team members in check, become he is very modest. Shortly after Genny joined the team, it quickly became clear that she was the most modest of all the team members. Because of this, she was appointed the CEO of Modesty and Dave is now VP, assisting Genny when required.
How and when did you start flying in the tunnel?
The first time I flew in a tunnel was in 2000, in the original iFLY machine in Orlando, Florida. While I thought it was awesome, at the time, it didn’t seem possible to use it to improve my freeflying because of the speed limitations (and my fatness at the time, I was 200 LBS). I continued focusing on skydiving but didn’t fly in the tunnel again for quite some time.
I took a break from the sport starting in about 2006 that lasted until 2010. When I was ready to come back, I heard that there was a tunnel in Montreal and that it was powerful enough to freefly in. Awesome! I figured that I needed to catch up in the skills department so I planned to book about 3 hours, which would surely be enough to get me to an expert level, then I would be done with tunnel flying.
What are your goals in body flight?
For my personal flying, I just want to improve continuously – both in what I’m capable of doing, as well as the details of how it’s done. I think it’s very important to always get coaching and push yourself, and that’s what I’ll continue to do as long as I’m in this sport.
Contributing to the growth of the sport is also important to me. I’d like to help create opportunities for other flyers the same way that some very awesome people did and continue to do for me.
As far as my team goals go this year, I want us to become the best versions of ourselves – both individually and as a team. If we can accomplish that, I’m confident that we can crush it in Montreal at the 2017 World Indoor Skydiving Championships.

Dave’s Sponsors

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Vertical Suits

Awards & Achievements

  • Silver Medal in Artistic (2-Way) – 2015 Canadian Indoor Skydiving Championship
  • Silver Medal in 4-WAY VFS – 2015 Canadian Indoor Skydiving Championship
  • Bronze Medal in D4W Open – 2015 The Untouchables @ iFLY Naperville
  • Silver Medal in 4-WAY VFS – 2016 Canadian Indoor Skydiving Championship
  • Bronze Medal in 4-WAY VFS – 2016 IBA Competition Series @ iFLY Rosemont
  • Gold Medal in 4-WAY VFS – 2016 IBA Competition Series @ iFLY  Houston-Woodlands
  • First Place in 4-WAY VFS – 2017 World Championship Qualifier @ Skyventure Montreal
  • 2012 Canadian HD Record
  • 2016 Canadian HD Record