Sebastien Plourde

Sebastien Plourde

Senior V.P. of Language and Communications / Director of Identification, Documentation and Vegetable Importation.

Quick Facts

Skydiver: Yes
Started Jumping: July 2011
Number of Jumps: 600
Tunnel Hours: 1000+
Home DZ: Skydive Burnaby/Parachutisme Nouvel Air
Home Tunnel: iFLY Toronto
Disciplines: Dynamic, VFS
Container: Vortex
Main: Mamba 150
Reserve: PD 147
Reserve Rides: 0

Occupation: Instructor at iFLY Toronto

VFS Flyer Position: Primary Head Down Flyer

How and when did you start flying in the tunnel?

In 2010, one of my friends asked me if I was interested in doing a skydive, to which I responded, “why the heck not”?! He ended up reserving a spot for each of us in the first jump course immediately after. In order to better prepare for our jump, he suggested that we practice in the wind tunnel. That was the first time I’ve ever heard that such a thing existed. We booked 20 minutes each specifically to focus on our PFF progression.

As soon as we walked into the tunnel, I saw an instructor doing a demo, was absolutely amazed and said to myself, “I need to do that”! We both flew our 20 minutes that evening learning skills that would help make our first jump go more smoothly.

The next day, we arrived at Parachutisme Nouvel Air and I did my first jump. I was instantly addicted. By the way, I hadn’t been on a plane even as a passenger before that day.

Over the next two years, I did about 50 jumps but didn’t fly in the tunnel at all.

Sometime in 2013, I had been working at Parachutisme Nouvel Air, when one day Michel Lemay asked if I would like to assist in assembling the new Tunnel being constructed in Oakville, ON. I quickly agreed.

As I worked on the iFLY Toronto construction site, my dream of becoming a skilled flyer started to grow. I also met Genny around the same time. Shortly after, an opportunity to become an instructor at Skyventure Montreal was available to me and I jumped on it. Since then, I’ve been working full time as a tunnel instructor and absolutely love it!

What are your goals in body flight?

Looking cool! Skydiving and Tunnel Flying is all about looking cool. Seriously, my goal is to shatter the dream of the top flyers by taking their place on the podium and being among the top 3 VFS teams in the world. I have similar goals for Dynamic flying as well, and also I want to continue helping others to understand the art of body flight through instructing and coaching.

Sebastien’s Sponsors

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Vertical Suits

Awards & Achievements

  • Silver Medal in 4-WAY FS Advanced – 2015 Canadian Indoor Skydiving Championship
  • Silver Medal in 4-WAY VFS – 2016 Canadian Indoor Skydiving Championship
  • Bronze Medal in 4-WAY VFS – 2016 IBA Competition Series @ iFLY Rosemont
  • Gold Medal in 4-WAY VFS – 2016 IBA Competition Series @ iFLY  Houston-Woodlands
  • First Place in 4-WAY VFS – 2017 World Championship Qualifier @ Skyventure Montreal
  • 2016 Canadian HD Record